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FuelTech WB-O2 Meter Nano

  • $189.00

WideBand-O2 NANO
- Waterproof (IP67);
- Extended reading scale 0.35λ to 9.99λ, 5.15 to 147 Gas A/FR, 2.24 to 64 Alcohol A/FR*;
- Wideband O2 sensor display and conditioner for Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors.
- CAN communication with FT500 and FT500LITE: sends the O2 reading via CAN to the ECU, freeing up the analog inputs
- Allows several conditioners connected to the CAN network, for use with individual cylinder reading or bank reading.
- Easy viewing and small size
- 0-5V analog output for connection with stand alone ECU or external datalogger (WB-O2 Datalogger, PRO24 Datalogger)
- Bosch amplification and control circuit
- Update via CAN (FT500 connection required)
Know your product
The main diferences of WB-O2 Nano are the extended reading scale, down to 0.35 λ*, its reduced size and the CAN communication with FT500 and FT500LITE, very useful when using O2 sensor per cylinder. The O2 sensor reading is sent to via CAN to the ECU and recorded in the internal datalogger, without using any analog input.
WBO2-Nano will replace WIDEBAND-O2 METER SLIM.
WBO2-Nano has a reduced size and CAN communication with FT500 and FT500LITE
* The reading scale can be higher or lower then 0.35 λ, depending on sensor manufacturing characteristics.

*** $189.00 - WB-O2 Meter Nano w/o harness
*** $249.00 - WB-O2 Meter Nano w/ unterminated harness 

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