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NOS Progressive Mini Controller

NOS Progressive Mini Controller

  • $269.00

These NOS Mini 2-stage progressive nitrous controllers feature two independent stages of nitrous control, each with its own throttle position activation switch and progressive control ramps. They eliminate the need for a window switch, and allow you to turn the nitrous on and off at set points. The controllers also feature two programmable outputs so you can control timing retard or other devices. The included hand-held programmer makes programming quick and easy.

2 fully independent nitrous controllers in one small bulletproof case

Hand held programmer for ease in programming

Allows you to mount the main box out of sight

Integrated throttle position activation switch eliminates the need for a separate WOT switch

Progressive nitrous ramps feature:
a) Delay time programmable from 0 to 9.9 sec.

b) Start percentage programmable from 0 to 99%

c) Ramp time programmable from 0 to 9.9 sec

d) End percentage programmable from 0 to 99%,

e)Nitrous can be programmed to ramp up or down

RPM on/off control eliminates the need for a separate window switch

Solenoid control channels with a 40 amp load capacity for large solenoids

Two output signals for use with timing retards or activation switches

NOTE: Not for use with zex nitrous kits with solenoids built into the control box.

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