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RSR Air Shift Module

  • $239.95

The newest innovation from Ryan Schnitz Racing is the Air Shift Module.  The Air Shift Module (RSR-ASM) combines all of the features many racers want into a compact, digital package loaded with adjustable features.  

Coil or Fuel Injector Kill Mode allows the user to install the RSR-ASM to best fit their combination.  Engine Kill Times are adjustable per gear shift.  This is great for those with 1-2 or 1-2-3 Auto Transmissions, or those who may need to adjust kill time for added power down track.  Adjustable Solenoid Advance Time allows the solenoid to apply pressure to the shift linkage before the engine kill sequence begins to allow faster shifts with less delay.  Auto Shifting built right into the controller with no need for added boxes or chips.  Can be wired to ground or +12v shift buttons for manual shifting.  Works on any motorsports engine with a digital ignition (Not CDI) 1, 2, 3, or 4 Cylinders.


  • Ignition Coil or Fuel Injector Kill Mode
  • Adjustable Shift Count (Number of shifts)
  • Adjustable Kill Time Per Gear Shift 0-150ms in 1ms Increments
  • Adjustable Solenoid Advance Time 10-40ms in 1ms Increments
  • Adjustable Auto Shift RPM 2000-16,000 RPM in 10 RPM Increments Per Gear
  • Adjustable Tach Input Frequency
  • Adjustable Shift Input Polarity (Ground or +12v)

*Bike Specific Harnesses do not include wiring to ignition coils or fuel injectors.  They include a toggle switch to change your horn button to your shift request while arming the air shift module.  They also provide power and ground to the module and air shift solenoid.  You can add a coil kill harness, or wire the coil/fuel kill to your specific application.

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